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Who We Are & What We Do

What Makes Spencer Re Unique?

Spencer Re, the first International Insurer formed in Puerto Rico, focuses on reinsuring products that are sold by auto dealers. In addition, Spencer Re has the ability to reinsure other types of complementary insurance risks.

Being domiciled in Puerto Rico and having permanent Swiss Tax residency allows Spencer Re to offer its shareholders unique benefits that other NCFCs are unable to offer. Some of the advantages include:

  • Dividends can be declared twice per year
  • Dividends paid to a U.S. taxpayer are qualified for tax purposes
  • Segregated cell structure isolates business from other participants
  • Simplified and competitive fee structure
  • Distributions are not forced on the shareholder
  • Can cede multiple products from multiple insurers
  • Puerto Rico is a territory of the U.S., is a member of the NAIC, and is part of the Federal Reserve Banking System
  • Broad investment capabilities
  • No premium ceding minimums or limits on any cell within Spencer Re
  • No fixed annual expenses assessed to the shareholders
  • Because Spencer Re is a Swiss tax resident, the transaction may be exempt from Federal Excise Tax

Spencer Re – Reinsurance Redefined

At Spencer Re, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of business practices because the security and profitability of our clients’ investments are our highest priority.

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